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Pune Database CDs


# Pune HNIs : 40,000 Records Price : Rs.3,500

# Pune Credit Card Holders: 50,000 Records Price : Rs.4,500

# Pune Car Owners: 20,000 Records Price : Rs.2,500

# Pune Stock Investors: 30,000 Records Price : Rs.2,500

# Pune Demat Account Holders:30,000 Records Price : Rs.2,500

# Pune Professionals: 1 lac Records Price : Rs.7,500

# Pune Office Executives: 50,000 Records Price : Rs.4,500

# Pune Resume Database: 1,00,000 Records Price : Rs.10,000

# Pune Companies: 20,000 Records Price : Rs.1,500

# Pune SMEs: 20,000 Records Price : Rs.1,500

# Pune Email Database: 5 lac Records Price : Rs.2,500

# Pune Mobile Numbers: 20 lac Records Price : Rs.9,500

Very Useful for Direct Marketing, SMS Marketing, Tele Marketing, Email Marketing to find New Clients or New Customers for Real Estate Companies, Online Shopping Portals, Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Exporters, Importers, Stock Brokers, Software & BPO Companies, Retailers, Traders etc.

Indian Customer's
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Account Name : eBusiness Indya
Account Number : 024205005652
Branch : Charminar, Pune, India
IFSC : ICIC0000242
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Account Name : Dot Com I Cafe
Account Number : 02182560000976
Branch : Malakpet Branch, Pune, India
IFSC : HDFC0000218
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In favour of: Amjad Shareef
City, State : Pune, AP
Country : India
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