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eBusiness Indya is the India's No.1 Database Company - India's only information providing company on all aspects. We are the direct marketing solutions provider with its objective being, to tap the unexploited potential of one-to-one communication and customer relationship management in India. eBusiness Indya is one of the few companies that offer the entire gamut of direct marketing solutions under one roof.

We have the range of Databases :

eBusiness Indya Database Services are ideal for :

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumers (B2C)
  • Business to Trade (B2T)

eBusiness Indya Database Solution consists of following :

  • Database Development Procedure & Process
  • Data Mining
  • Data Update
  • De duplication of Records
  • Merge / Purge of Data
  • Pre-Sorting of Data to achieve highest postal efficiency
  • Data Analysis
  • Database for Action & Application in Marketing & Sales

eBusiness Indya has offered Marketing Strategies, Services, Software & Solution using Databases to a variety of businesses in the past, that includes Multinationals, Corporate & Large companies, Small Scale Businesses, Institutions, Retail Outlets, just to name a few.

eBusiness Indya offers turnkey services for design, development & printing of direct mailers, mailing and response management - in short, the complete Direct Mail Marketing for your products and services.


Select Database for Business to Business (B2B) :

  • FORTUNE 1000 Companies
  • Plants, Factories & Workshops
  • Small Scale Industries
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Companies with Multiple Offices
  • Large Employees based organizations
  • INSIDE INDIA Industrial towns and industries
  • R & D Units
  • Popular Branded Products / Services companies
  • All kinds and types of industries in vertical market (ask for your choice)
  • Publishing & Media Houses
  • Exporters of all kinds and types (ask for your choice)
  • Banks, Finance, Stock brokers
  • Professionals & Consultants (ask for your choice)
  • Institutes : Academic, Computer, Training etc.
  • Hospitals - all types
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Retail Outlets, Departmental Stores & Leading Shops
  • Many more categories for effective targeting

Indian Business Directories

  • Indian Business & Industrial Directory Indian Exporters & Importers Directory
  • Mumbai Commercial Directory
  • Delhi Commercial Directory
  • South India Commercial Directory
  • Maharastra & Gujarat Industrial Directory
  • Directory of Top 500 Companies in India
  • Directory of Top 1000 Companies in India
  • Indian Corporate' Directory
  • Directory of Multi National Corporations in India
  • Indian Buying Houses, Agents & Purchase Directory

Industry wise Business Directory

  • Indian Film Industry Directory
  • Travel Agencies Directory
  • Indian Cable Operators Directory
  • Indian Transport Companies Directory
  • Indian Petrol Pumps Directory
  • Placement Consultants Directory
  • Indian Banks and Branches Directory
  • Indian Health and Medicare Directory
  • Indian Agri-Business and Food Processing Directory
  • Indian Media Companies Directory
  • Brokers and Sub Brokers Directory
  • Indian NGO Directory
  • Indian Electronics Industry Directory
  • Indian Gem and Jewelers Industry Directory
  • Indian Doctors Directory
  • Interior Designers and Architects Directory
  • Chartered Accountants Directory
  • Credit Card Holders
  • Highest Mobile bill payers
  • Email ID's All India
  • Investors
  • Industries (Small & Medium)
  • DMat A/C Holders
  • IPO Investors With 100 % Emails All India
  • HNI (High Net-Worth Individuals)
  • IT Professionals (Annual income above 10 lacs)
  • Directors of Ltd. & Pvt.Ltd.Cos., CEOs
  • Registered Sub Brokers
  • MBA Students All India
  • Frequent Fliers
  • Consumer Durable Owners
  • Honda City Car Owners
  • CDMA Mobile Owners
  • GSM Mobile Owners
  • Mobile Number Databases
  • Mutual Fund Investors
  • NRI Global worldwide
  • IT Professionals
  • Stock Brokers
  • Mutual Fund Investors
  • Doctors
  • Mobile Numbers Database

International Business Directories

  • USA corporate Directory
  • World Importers Directory
  • Chinese Business Directory
  • USA Business Directory
  • Gulf Business Directory

Consumer Database

  • General all India Mailing List
  • Mumbai Internet User
  • NRI Database
  • Iindian HNI database
  • Mumbai HNI Database
  • Delhi HNI Database
  • South Indian HNI Database
  • Mumbai Mobile Subscribers
  • Mumbai Premium Mobile Users
  • Delhi Mobile Subscribers
  • Mumbai Club Members Database
  • Delhi Club Members Database
  • Indian Professionals and Salaried Executives Database
  • Indian Female Database
  • Car Owners Database
  • Two wheelers Owners Database
  • Students Database

Select Database for Business to Consumer (B2C) :

  • Posh Area Resident Families
  • Upwardly mobile Individuals
  • Housewives
  • Savvy Women
  • College Boys & Girls
  • Vegetarians
  • Businessmen
  • Company Executives
  • Professionals
  • Celebrities, VIPs, Industrialists
  • NRIs in USA & UK
  • Many Others

New List of Indian Databases

  • Indian HNI Databases
  • Complete List of Databases
  • Middle East Email Marketing Services
  • 20 Worldwide Databases
  • UAE Email Databases
  • Ethnic Email Databases
  • Pay-Per-Lead Marketing Services


Please Contact Us on +91-9391162671 or 040-32962671 Email us on for your business requirements.

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